Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance – Uber Venture Capitalists

by Raj on August 14, 2005


I love Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance. I’m not ashamed to admit that I can love people that I’ve never even met. Mac’s not only frontman for Portastatic and Superchunk, he’s also one-half owner of the fabulous Merge Records with Laura. I’ve been fascinated with all things Mac and Laura since I started listening to Superchunk in high-school. He and Laura have managed to pull off some astounding work with Merge Records over the years. Their work and contribution to music should be commended as they have helped to expose the world to life enriching artists that we may have not otherwise heard.

The concept of record labels as specialized VCs should not be forgotten. The only difference is that traditional VCs pull funds together and represent other investors, while most indie record labels such as Merge bootstrap it from the word “go.” Decisions to seed a new band has significant implications for their label and likely their livelihood. And I thank them for taking the risks that they have and continue to undertake.

(sound sappy? I get that way every now and then)

Superchunk – The Length Of Las Ramblas