South Asian Quake Benefit, Belle & Sebastian

by Raj on December 9, 2005

I included the iTunes exclusive, live version of Belle & Sebastian’s “If You’re Feeling Sinister” recently on the “One Sentence..”thingy hoping that it would be released in time to include a quick blurb about it.

iTunes released the record a day late, but it was well worth the short delay. I have listened to it no less than 5 times since buying it. It’s that good. Maybe Matador’s best release of the year, next to releasing M.Ward’s “Transistor Radio” in Europe if that counts.

Proceeds from the sale of the record go to South Asian Earthquake Disaster relief. It’s commendable effort on part of a great label. Buy it here.

  • fred

    just got around to listening to B&S’ double record (Push Barman) of B-sides and non-LP singles. really nice.