LoudSpeakers At InternmentCamp #009

by Raj on December 18, 2005

Here’s the tracklist from today’s podcast. Most of it consists of songs from records that I have been listening to lately. I took a little longer putting this one together than the last, but such is the nature of sequencing and choosing the right tracks.

Iron & Wine | Calexico – 16, Maybe Less
Calexico – Not Even Stevie Nicks…
My Morning Jacket – Wordless Chorus
Belle And Sebastian – The Fox In The Snow (Live)
Beth Orton – Conceived
The New Pornographers – Three Or Four
Fembots – Up From The Ditches
Destroyer – Watercolours Into The Ocean
The American Analog Set – Immaculate Heart 1
Times New Viking – Skull Versus Wizard

To play with iTunes:
1. Download iTunes version 6 and install it
2. Select Advanced, Subscribe to Podcast, and enter this into the dialog:


LoudSpeakers At InternmentCamp.

Alternately, you can play the mp3 here.

  • Kevin

    This one didn’t really do anything for me. Opened up my ears to music I normally would have flipped the channel on, but no stand-outs for me. I’m sticking with #008 for now.