PictureProject Download

by Raj on April 30, 2008

Nikon has taken PictureProject links off of their site, likely to sell copies of something else.

I find it remotely useful for certain things and needed it again recently.

It’s still up in several forms though it might not last for long:


  • DLes

    I think Nikon's programme for making panorama pictures is called Panorama Maker (it was on the same cd as Picture project)

  • AA

    Thanks for that-ViewNx (PP replacement) crashes for me in Vista, maybe I’ll try PictureProject instead.

  • A.A.

    If you don't have Panorama Maker, there's other stitching apps out for-I use Adobe Photoshop to merge images taken with Panorama Assist on the Coolpix L16.

  • Charlie

    Still a good link 3/13/2010. Leave it to Nikon to, in their own way, take care of their customers. Whether as an oversight or by design.

    Works just fine with Windows 7.

    Thanks, friend!

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/rajbala rajbala

      You're welcome! Glad it was helpful.

  • EBE

    Still works 4/2/2010! Thanks so much!

  • regi

    still works as of 6/5/2010

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/rajbala rajbala

      Thanks for letting us know.

  • Alex

    works perfectly fine on 17/6/10

  • Rebecca Orr

    still works! Thanks much!

  • RMV

    The link works beautifully.. Gracias amigo! (08/2010) and alive.. :)

  • ShelleyF

    Link still works August 8, 2010.

  • john paul

    I have a Nikon P5000 Digital cam and i dont have any cd driver of picture project. can anyone help me download it online?

  • Wil

    yea yea still alive and running well. Thanks for the hook-up.

  • Koko

    still alive. Many thanks. koen

  • pheelix

    Link still works. Software is useful. Will do stuff that other image edit software won’t do. Hope NikonUSA will keep this on their website.

  • pheelix

    Update 1.7.6 for Windows is available from NikonUSA Support at this link:

  • Rick

    Still working, 10-29-2010

    I stopped buying Nikons because of having MOV files in the first place.

    Not being able to get the software just made that seem like an even better idea. Rick

  • Julia

    Still works 11.22.10. Thanks! Julia

  • BioCHaos

    Thank you so very much for posting this!

  • Margit

    Great to be able to download this. i've got it on CD, but I dont have a CD-ROM on my computer….

  • http://yourkinghorn.com John

    Excellent! My search is over. Many thanks!!

  • Jayne

    Still hot! @ 02.2011

  • N.C.

    still working on 24/02/2011 thank you!!!

  • tts

    Downloading now on 2 Mar 2011. Thank you.

  • TBodee

    Thank You…This link helped (3/10/11) to restore my corrupted PP files, where my original disc, Nikon's upgrade version, and the phone calls to Nikon IT couldn't!!! (Albeit, their IT service dept is very patient.)

  • Don Colby

    Many thanks for the link! I lost my original disk so I was stuck with my new computer. I sure hope it works in Win 7 64 bit!

  • Nancy

    thank you thank you!!!! I have had probs with this for 2 years and it is fixed now! Your download works great!

  • ant

    still works on 09.01.11….my hard drive crashed and lost the disk….tnxs

  • Karen

    THANK YOU !!!!!! still working as of 11/2011

  • Misha

    Hurrah!! Thank you SO MUCH.. December 2011 and it's STILL THERE!

    • rajbala

      You're welcome!

  • Dotty

    Still works on 1/1/12

  • Kostas

    link still working.
    Txh man!

  • Melissa

    1/28/12 – Still working. Thanks!

  • Paolo

    Thanks man! Iappreciate it!!

  • Lei

    Thank you! Thank you! Amazing it is still working!! May 2012

  • amy


  • Rachel Thomas

    Stumbled across this and was very thankful to avoid the costly downlaods for this program especially as for some reason my disc (which is fairly old now) refused to be installed into my pc. Much thanks for a simple, straight forward link to downloading this program!

  • Katharina

    Thanks from Germany! It still works on 24.05.2012

  • Gen

    Link still up and working as of July 20, 2012! Awesome!

  • Milton0104

    i need picture projecter

  • Ffspiel

    As of 3/4/13 your link worked.  Thanks so much for having posted your solution/link.  Wishing you happiness and sucess in your life.  -rob

  • Grateful

    Much appreciated! – my original install got corrupted and I haven’t been able to locate my disc for hours and I really use this program a lot =) Thanx for the link!!

  • Precious

    thank you SO much….you saved my career with this!

    • rajbala

      Awesome! Happy to have helped!