Pakistan: Failed State

by Raj on February 17, 2009

Pakistan is a failed state. They don’t have control of their territory or it’s inhabitants. We should have admitted that to ourselves before 9/11 when they supported the Taliban. We should have recognized that fact over the years since 9/11 when it became obvious that the government was unwilling or unable to stop their Western territories from being used as safe havens for insurgents fighting in the Afghan conflict. It should have been clear after AQ Khan, father of the Pakistani nuclear program, was caught selling turnkey systems for uranium enrichment to Iran, North Korea, and Libya. He might not have been acting with the full support of the Pakistani government, but therein lies the problem: he was acting at his own will.

Same story with the Mumbai attacks of November 26, 2008 or 26/11 as commonly referred to in India. Pakistan claims that “stateless actors” were to blame for the attacks that killed 170 people. Pakistan is finally coming to terms with the fact that the attackers were natives of, trained in, and alighted from their country. But the Pakistani government continues to distance themselves with the rogue actors assertion. Even if the attackers were acting outside of the direct or indirect support of any government body, it actually exposes a larger problem: they were acting at their own will.

Billions of American dollars in support for Pakistan have resulted in little progress and are probably working against us completely. The fundamental flaw in American support for the Pakistani government is that some of those funds are channeled from the pockets of American citizens, to US Government coiffures, to the Pakistani Government, to the Pakistani Intelligence Service (ISI), and then to insurgents on the Western frontier fighting against US forces and our immediate interests in the region.

Pervez Musharraf, with all of his flaws, was the enemy that we knew. A dictator, an enemy of India, and a former open supporter of the Taliban —- lots of mistakes were made on his watch that the world will pay for in human lives. We knew the depth of Musharraf’s incompetence well, but the current regime of Asif Zardari is far more dangerous because they are beyond incompetence alone — they’re naive and inexperienced. Look no further than Zardari lying about his academic history, his flirtatious comments when meeting with Sarah Palin less than a year after his wife was assassinated,

And it’s not schadenfreude that causes me to believe this — it’s fear.

A completely destabilized Pakistan, even more than it is now, is not just calamitous for her neighbors, but for the entire world.

And since the world did not recognize that Pakistan was a failed state before, it should certainly consider it now. The Government of Pakistan is ceding legal control over the Swat Valley to the Taliban. Why did they relinquish control? Because they couldn’t control the area effectively anyway and decided a cease-fire would be better.

The Taliban are winning.

  • Rock u

    A bias indian writer can write this sort of article against its ever green enemy Pakistan. This is a perception of some foreign analysts and thinkers who r not able to digest Pakistan yet.

    • rajbala

      And Pakistanis have a way of perpetually living in denial about theircircumstance.Frankly, Pakistan has nothing India wants. India would like nothingmore than to forget about her old foe and move on.

  • Manoj

    "Ever green pakistan"??? Please, allow me to laugh out loud HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

    • abdul

      laugh now cry later

    • Green Pakistan

      He who laughs First laughs Last

  • Shivangi

    i completely agree wid this post……n i cnt understand y ppl feel tht INDIA cant 'Digest' Pakistan yet!…..even though India is miles ahead of her insecure neighbour in every respect…..India a potential superpower hs no reason to not be able to digest Pakistan…n…even post 26/11 the inaction n blame-game played by Pakistan hs further displayed the inefficiency of the Pakistan Govt. led by Mr 10-percenter-Asif Ali Zardari…or By the ISI….i still cnt figure out who runs the country though…the military or the ISI or the so called'democratic govt'!…LOL…


    100% RIGHT. The author is bang on . Pak is a FAILED ROGUE STATE that has become a menace to the world and needs to be wiped out from the world map. It is destined to happen since it has been predicted and shortly the world map will have no country called Pakistan.

    I pity the stupid Pakis who live in a fools paradise, May ALLAH lift them out from their terror oriented slumber

  • T. Hassan

    I am an overseas pakistani and I can't wait to see Pakistan removed from the Map. What a failure on every level and dangerous to the region too. . Akhand bharat zindabad!
    In Pakistan,The USA are up to no good whichever way you look at it and it is to do with securing the region for their central asian energy pipleine.
    Good luck!! in the land better known as basket case i stan.


    “Victimization of Judiciary to make Pakistan a Failed state”.

    Only solution for fixing the problem of any failed state is to strengthen the accountability and Judicial system of that state, but unfortunately rudy rulers of Pakistan who even do not have basic ability to work with others are continuously and persistently victimizing the Accountability and Judiciary system of the state to make Pakistan a Failed state.

    Damage to Judicial system By Dictator Pervez Musharaf:

    This under graduate General has caused serious damage to Judicial system of Pakistan, He was not knowing that in history when a dictator throw away any judge on street due to fair practices of justice then that Judge becomes the greatest judge of history, In Karachi on 12-05-2007, so many civilians were killed just to damage and abuse the Judicial system of Pakistan.

    Victimization of Judicial System of Pakistan by PPP Government:

    Criminal and corrupted leaders of PPP, most of them are former prisoners of immoral crimes are continuously creating hurdles and problems for already crippled and damaged system of Justice in Pakistan, Due to failure of all state institutes and Organizations people of Pakistan are living painful lives but rulers are having no mercy on them, in fact they want to make judiciary a subordinate institute which should make decisions as per their desires and wishes, following are few examples of victimization of judiciary by present rulers
    •Use of Immunity against his crimes by President, which clearly indicates that he is not sincere and do not believe in equality of all in the eyes of law and thus showing an example to people, how to insult and undermine Law and Justice system of the state.
    •Interference in the appointment of judges without consulting Chief Justice, which clearly indicates that he wants to irritate the judiciary.
    •Creating deliberately crisis with Judiciary, which clearly indicates the he is not sincere and interested in the stability of state.
    • Using issue of Seniority in appointment of Judges in Supreme court for confrontation with judiciary clearly indicates PPP desire to blackmail judges, where was the issue of seniority when PPP was selecting a child for the post of PPP Chairman, what a insult for grey and white haired PPP leaders sitting as subordinate in front of a College student Bilawal.
    •President has not consulted even not informed to Chief Justice before issuing notification for appointment of Judges in Supreme court, similarly as he had not consulted even not informed to President of PPP Mr. Ameen Faheem before appointing Prime Minister of Pakistan, are these the ethics of working in a civilized society.

    Moreover with such menial mentality now Prime Minister is blackmailing the judiciary by giving threats that Judges could be removed from their seats, its means that by removing Judges these criminal politicians will do a great job as their spiritual leader Mr.Pervez Musharaf has done a great job by blackmailing and victimizing judiciary, But it is expected that Judges will face all such tactics with bravery and patience and will sacrifice their personnel interests, posts and facilities for the sake of justice and humanity like Imam Abu Haniefa, and Imam Abu Hanbal against these criminal and tyrant rulers.
    So that a history could be made in which names of these judges will be written with golden words.
    It is also the responsibility of world leaders to prevent further anarchy and failure of state, to make efforts to strengthen the Judicial system of Pakistan, and not allow to people like Mr. Zaradri against whom cases are pending in European Courts, to destabilize Pakistan by victimizing and abusing the Judiciary

    Written By: M.AKRAM KHAN NIAZI.

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  • asdw

    Why are these guys even a country. Such bad luck that we ended up with shitty countries like pakistan, bangladesh and sri lanka as our neighbours. Fuck.

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